FUCK YOU. – NO, FUCK YOU! (Part 1/2)

Frantically Asked Questions 7

FUCK YOU. – NO, FUCK YOU! (Part 1/2)

What happens to the «Fuck You» card if someone plays «Gift», «Exchange» or «Special Favours»?

According to the rules, the «Fuck You» card cannot be intentionally passed on when playing another Special Card. So when playing «Gift» or «Exchange» the «Fuck You» card must not be one of the gifted cards. If you should hold two cards – incl. «Fuck You» – in your hand, you can therefore only gift one card. When exchanging cards you still have to draw two cards, as long as the opposing player doesn’t have less.

When playing «Special Favours» the rules of the «Fuck You» card apply as well. Meaning: You can swap all your Special Cards except «Fuck You».

But keep in mind, if someone else is playing one of these Special Cards against you, the «Fuck You» card can be drawn or exchanged.

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