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We celebrate with a golden Fuck You card

We celebrate our 7 year anniversary and bring you the golden Fuck You card.


The game with the many twists.

Jetriko. The game you won't win as soon as you get rid of your last card. The real goal: to survive a whole round without any cards!


We are always keen to tackle new projects. And sometimes it's alcohol!

Frantic Doublemaker turns Frantic into a dirnking game for gourmets. The Frantic gin is a taste sensation just as versatile as the game.


Don't open Pandora's Box.

Besides the the new treacherous rule cards, there's a new colour, overview cards and finally a complete rule book! Pandora's Box is more than a Frantic add-on, it's the long-awaited Big Box!


More power with Supercharge!

More breathless moments and frantic reactions! Charge your hand cards with extra effects using the new power cards.


The must-have add-on!

More cards. More trouble! The Troublemaker add-on extends the basic game Frantic with 22 special cards and 14 event cards.


The mischievious card game
from St.Gallen

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Find new enemies. Playfully.

We are a young, creative team of card and board game developers. Our goal is to bring chaos and joy to your game table.

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