Do not open Pandora’s Box!

Introducing the rule cards, a new card colour, overview sheets and a cumulative rulebook! Pandora’s Box is not only a Frantic Add-On but also the long awaited big box!

More breathless moments and frantic reactions!

A brand-new card type and 24 additional Special- and Event Cards!
It’s still Frantic, but supercharged!

Frantic even bigger. And meaner!

Th Frantic Add-On packed to the brim with ingenious ideas from our fans!
The Troublemaker Add-On: Now available!

The Mischievous Card Game!

The game with natural selection.

The luck and strategy based card game by Rulefactory.
Brace Darwin’s dice, and conquer them!

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The Team

Stefan Weisskopf

(Money Money Money)

Pascal Frick

(Talk Talk)

Fabian Engeler

(Organize that sh*t)

Pierre Lippuner

(Make it look goooooooood.)

Frantic. This game doesn’t help you in making friends. But making enemies.

Get rid of your cards as fast as possible. But beware: Your fellow players are desperately trying to prevent it and are setting events in motion which are unstoppable!


We make the rules.