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Get rid of the Fuck You card – A short Guide (Part 2/2)

Frantically Asked Questions #8

19. February 2021

Get rid of the Fuck You card – A short Guide (Part 2/2)

How do you actually get rid of the «Fuck You» card?

Going after the rules, there’s only one sure way to play «Fuck You». If you hold a total of exactly 10 cards in your hand – incl. «Fuck You» – you can play it during your turn. The card is basically invisible and the round continues with the card played before «Fuck You».

But, of course, there are some other possible ways:

Special Cards

«Exchange» – Someone plays «Exchange» and draws your «Fuck You» card.

«Special Favours» – Someone plays «Special Favours», swaps his special cards and in conclusion gets your «Fuck You» card.

«Inequality» – You play «Inequality» and hope the opposing player draws the «Fuck You» card.

Event Cards

During all events, where you can discard or give away random cards, you are also allowed to throw or give away the «Fuck You» card. (E.g. Surprise Party, Recession etc.)

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