Frantic. The Mischievous Card Game.

Get rid of your cards as fast as possible. But be aware: Your fellow players are desperately trying to prevent it! A player has few cards left? Give him a gift in the form of two cards from your hand. Someone wants you to draw more cards from the deck? No, my Friend, wy don’t you draw them yourself?! Someone wants to end the round? Nice Try! Why don’t you draw three more cards! This game destroys friendships. And that’s ok.

Concept of the game

At the beginning of every round the players receive the same amount of cards and try to quickly discard all of them. In turn every player has the possibility to play a card. If he can’t or doesn’t want to, he has to draw one from the deck. The basic stock of the card game consists of the Coloured Cards in red, yellow, blue and green from one to nine. You can play these cards number on number or colour on colour.

Special Cards

The Special Cards are colourless or colour depending and give the game a vicious spice. They range from wishing a colour to Gift – where you can donate two cards from your hand to another player – all the way to Nice Try, which prevents the victory of an opposing player.

The object of each Special Card is freely choosable. And it’s this attribute that makes the game more personal, more insidious and funnier.

Black Cards

They are the mold of doom which forms the game’s incomparable taste. Black Cards range from one to nine and can only be played on the same number. Black cannot be wished for in Special Cards. Every time a Black Card is being played it activates an Event Card.

Event Cards

They affect every player and can either hardly influence the game or turn it completely upside down. They get activated when a Black Card is played.

They reach from the frightening Friday 13th – where absolutely nothing extraordinary happens – to Tornado – where all hand cards are shuffled together and newly distributed – all the way to Doomsday, which immediately ends the round and results in 50 points for every player.

End and object of the game

As soon as a player gets rid of all his hand cards the round is over and the remaining players count the points on their hands. The result is added to the points from the previous rounds. When a player reaches the maximum score, the player with the lowest score wins.