More trouble with Troublemaker!

36 brand new Special- and Event Cards
*This is not a stand-alone game and works only together with Frantic

It’s finally here! The first expansion: the Frantic Troublemaker Add-On!
36 brand new and extremely mischievous cards give the game an entirely new spin.

This includes 14 Event Cards, to make Frantic even more unpredictable. But also 22 Special Cards, to make the game not just bigger but more eventful: We have colour switches, Inequality, protection from Event Cards and the ultimate catastrophic cataclysm. And of course the highlight: Mimicry – a shapeshifter which can take the form of ANY Special Card!


22 Special Cards

  • 6 «Colour Swap» (1 per colour pair)
  • 4 «Troublemaker» (1 per colour)
  • 4 «Thief» (1 per colour)
  • 3 «Special Favours»
  • 2 «Inequality»
  • 1 «Lucky Bastard»
  • 1 «Mimicry»
  • 1 «Curse»

14 Event Cards

  • «Russian Roulette»
  • «Plague»
  • «Event Manager»
  • «Trust Fall»
  • «Double Taxation»
  • «Crwodfunding»
  • «Identity Theft»
  • «Last Chance»
  • «Repeat»
  • «Plus One»
  • «Distributor»
  • «Captialis»
  • «Seppuku»
  • «Black Hole»

A game for fans, from fans

Only thanks to the neverending support of the Frantic fans were we able to produce the expansion to its full creative extent.
During a competition we asked the people for their best idea for new cards currently missing in Frantic, and we were overwhelmed by the response of new and fresh ideas. We picked our favourites from their submissions and immortalised them in the Troublemaker Add-On.
We included cards from Nico Schaltegger, Raphael Reichert, Eveline Lüthi, Dom Atlas, D’Sinead Concepcion, Virginia Hart, Dani Hitz, Joschka Reischmann and Angelina Vicini.

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