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Library of Jakkarth

Kickstsarter, News, Press Kit

10. February 2023

Library of Jakkarth

Library of Jakkarth is the first step into the role of a publisher by the creators behind Frantic. The game designed by Nils Lange and Endre Banlaki is a magical dungeon crawler for 3 to 5 players, featuring a similarly mischievous vibe as Frantic.

Every hundred years, it opens: the fabled Library of Jakkarth. This mysterious library is drawing in sorcerer's apprentices from all around the world. Driven by the pursuit of immeasurable knowledge and power, they embark on an adventure to become one of the mightiest beings for the next 100 years. In the old walls of Jakkarth there are spells and also keys to be found, with which one can gain access to the most complete wisdom of the world.

But there's just one problem: Only one of these adventurers can achieve this goal. All others are being trapped in the library. Forever.

Library of Jakkarth is a magical dungeon crawler for 2 to 5 players. The goal: roam the library and be the first to collect five keys of the same colour and bring them back to the great entrance hall. In the game our adventurers explore the magical library and check out book cases for keys, spells and enchanted relics. These can be of great advantage on their quest or disadvantage the other players. The layout of the library is randomly configurated each game. Making it unique every time you play it.

But there’s more in this game than just your opponents to watch out for. Lurking in dark corners are the old Guardians of Jakkarth, who will haunt you, with their only goal to save the knowledge of the library and trap you in its labyrinthian halls forever.

To explore this enchanted rooms the players in Library of Jakkarth can use a bunch of different Actions.
Up to three of these Actions can be used each turn to go further into the depths of the laybrinth. "Exploring" will allow players to move through the rooms, unearthing new ones when reaching the edge of a room. These rooms harbour book cases that can be "Looted", to collect cards and gain valuable items like Keys, Spells or Relics. In some rooms are gargoyles and other obstacles in your way which can be dealt with thanks to the "Moving Obstacles" action. And allow you to trap players or guardians alike.

Beside these actions you can also "Cast a Spell". For example to annoy an opponent by stealing cards from them, or give yourself an advantage by teleporting to a different room.
You can also "Equip a Relic" to gain their indiviual power, whether holy or cursed. Maybe you can suddenly travel faster thanks to magical Boots, or an opponent might get Bad Luck when looting book cases. All real possibillities in the mysterious halls of Jakkarth.

And last but not least there are lurking Guardians around, causing the most concern. Because the more Guardians appear in the game, the stronger, faster they become. And the bigger threat to the players they become.

So think twice about being extra hard on your opponents. Because if all adventures fall to their death in the same round, the game ends and the Guardians reseal the entrance. Trapping you in the Library of Jakkarth. Forever.

Kickstarter page:

Rulebook preview Library of Jakkarth Rules Preview (as of 24th April 2023)


Stefan Weisskopf


The Game

  • 2 to 5 players
  • 40 to 75 minutes
  • for ages 10 and above


  • board game
  • dungeon crawler
  • turn based
  • non-cooperative
  • (and everyone against the game)


  • Endre Banlaki
  • Nils Lange

Start Kickstarter

  • 17th May 2023

Publish Date

  • tba

The game forge from east Switzerland

Already with the first card game - the mischievous "Frantic" - the Rulefactory has landed a hit. So far over 250,000 sold copies, three official, as well as an unofficial expansion are part of Rulefactory's library. In 2021 the next card game "Jetriko" followed, as well as an their own Frantic Gin. The creative "Wortspiel" (meaning "wordplay" a.k.a pun) followed the year after in the context of the u20 Poetry Slam Meister*innenschaften in St.Gallen. It's all about improvising, performing, and also about talking stupid.
Now. they are working hard on their first board game "Library of Jakkarth", for which a Kickstarter campaign will be launched in mid 2023. A board game version of "Frantic" is also in the works.




Fabian Engeler,


  • Pierre Lippuner
    Graphic & Game Design
  • Stefan Weisskopf
    Game Design & Logistics
  • Fabian Engeler
    Game Design & Finances
  • Pascal Frick
    Game Gesign & Communication


  • Frantic (2015)
  • Darwin’s Dice (2016)
  • Frantic Troublemaker (2017 – Add On)
  • Frantic Supercharge (2019 – Add On)
  • Frantic Pandora’s Box (2020 – Add On)
  • Jetriko (2021)
  • Frantic Doublemaker (2021 – Mod)
  • Wortspiel (2022)
  • Library of Jakkarth (tbd)