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Achtung: Wir bieten auf unserer Website ausschliesslich die mehrsprachige Schweizer Originalversion mit den passenden Erweiterungen an. Das heisst, dass unsere Erweiterungen nur mit dieser Originalversion kompatibel sind, nicht aber mit den internationalen Varianten von „Game Factory“.

Sowohl Kartenmaterial wie auch Kartenformat unterscheiden sich!



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The delivery is carried out by the Swiss Post. Packages are delivered via Post Economy. The shipping will take place after receipt of payment.
Because the shipping is carried out by the four members of the Rulefactory and not a third party, the completion of an order can take a couple days.

The delivery time from the date of dispatch according to the Swiss Postal Services:
Switzerland: 3 to 4 work days
EU region: 6 to 12 work days
Worldwide: 12 to 24 work days

Unfortunately, orders from outside of Switzerland are often delayed, usually at customs, for up to 2 weeks, due to customs.

Shipping costs
The shipping costs are taken directly from the Swiss Post. They can vary according to weight, quantity and destination. The shipping costs can be calculated in the web shop.

Shipments in Switzerland with product value over CHF 100 are free of shipping costs.

For shipments within Switzerland tracking is always possible. But because shipping times are usually very short we only give the tracking numbers out on demand.

If you order from outside of Switerland and wish to track your order please contact us beforehand. Tracking packages outside of Switzerland will bring additional costs.

We accept no liability for any lost packages during shipping.