The game with many twists & turns.

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Attack is the best defence.

In this compact game you try to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible. But that feat is quite a handful: 5 colours, 5 numbers and 5 effects can be played and combined during your turn. You can deflect card effects, stop them or even make them stronger. In addition, suddenly appearing trap cards provide unexpected moments of fortune, bad luck or just a whole lot of fun. 

But beware: victory is fleating. You have to survive a whole round until your next turn and you still don't have any cards in your hand. 

game mechanics

Neutral Trap Cards

Neutral trap cards can be recognized by their blue backs. These cards either affect everyone or only you. Their effects can be positive or negative for you, depending on the situation.

Negative trap cards

Recognizable by their red backs, red trap cards often screw up your game. Draw or get cards. Sometimes even twice.

The basics

Jetriko has two types of cards: Playing cards with a multicolored back and trap cards with single-color backs. The backs of the trap cards give a hint about the nature of their effect.

Number cards

Play colour on colour, number on number or effect on effect. Jetriko has five different colors with numbers ranging from 1 to 5. Each number is available three times per color, once without effect, twice with an effect.

Effect cards

There are various effects in the game. A distinction is made between defense and attack effects. The attack effects can further be divided into stackable and non-stackable attacks.

Defend against effects

Stackable effects can be strengthened and redirected by additional cards. To achieve this, you either need the same effect, a matching defense card or a white special card.

White Special Cards

White cards can be played on anything. If they are played on a stackable effect, it can only be stopped or deflected further with another white card. If a white card is played otherwise, a card must be drawn from the pile.

Positive trap cards

Positive trap cards can be identified by their green backs. With a little luck, you can swap cards, discard all your cards, or look at the next 5 cards on the draw pile and rearrange them!

75 single-colored cards

All number cards in 3 versions. Once without effect and twice with effect.

  • 3x Numbers from 1 to 5, dark blue
  • 3x Numbers from 1 to 5, cyan
  • 3x Numbers from 1 to 5, green
  • 3x Numbers from 1 to 5, yellow
  • 3x Numbers from 1 to 5, red

10 white special cards

  • 2 «Divide»
  • 2 «More»
  • 2 «Stop»
  • 2 «Target»
  • 2 «Times Two»

15 trap cards

  • 5 positive trap cards
  • 5 neutral trap cards
  • 5 negative trap cards

Rules in German, English, French and Italian

Our game designers

Fabian Engeler

Pascal Frick

Pierre Lippuner
Development & Design

Stefan Weisskopf