Pandora’s Box Add-On

More Order in Chaos – and more Chaos in Chaos

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Not compatible with the licensed "Game Factory"-Version!

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New box, new colour and new Rule Cards!

More Chaos: modify the rules of the game with the new Rule Cards, expand the game with the new colour purple, add more Troublemaker and Counterattack cards and make up your own effect for a new Event and a new Special Card.

With Pandora’s Box you get a box that can hold Frantic and all its add-ons as well. And for more order in your head there’s a new complete reworked rule book and overview cards. For beginners and forgetful minds.

*This extension requires the base game Frantic to play. Can and should be combined with Troublemaker and Supercharge.


15 Rule Cards

  • «Fantastic Six»
  • «Always Lucky»
  • «Mass Exchange»
  • «Double Special»
  • «Double Trouble»
  • «Gift Split»
  • «Give A Fuck»
  • «Thief’s Choice»
  • «Safe Counter»
  • «The Nicest Try»
  • «Special Compulsion»
  • «The End is Nigh»
  • «Saboteur»
  • «Santa is not Real»
  • «Your Choice»

The Color Purple

  • 18 Number Cards (1 to 9)
  • 1 number "10"
  • 2 "poison"
  • 1 "Exchange"
  • 1 "Skip"
  • 1 "2nd Chance"
  • 1 "Thief"
  • 1 "Troublemaker"
  • 1 "Recharge"
  • 4 "Colour Swap" (1 per colour combination of base colours)

7 Special Cards

  • 1 "Do It Yourself"
  • 4 "Troublemaker" (1 per base colour)
  • 2 "Counterattack"

1 Event Card

  • "Pandora's Box"

Our game designers

Fabian Engeler

Pascal Frick

Pierre Lippuner
Development & Design

Stefan Weisskopf