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What the hell is a Mod?

General, News

23. July 2021

What the hell is a Mod?

A brief history about the existence of Frantic Mods.

Theoretically, Pandora's Box was meant to be the last add on. But we continued to have more – and especifically stupider – ideas.

Modifications – Mods for short – are, contrary to add ons, not quite serious amendments to expand Frantic in a humorous way. These tend to be random, weird ideas we just can't keep to ourselves. But additionally, they don't need to be part of every game. So basically, Mods are new cards & rules which are part of our Extended Frantic Universe, but don't quite hold up to the scrutiny of being an official, complete add on Frantic couldn't live without.

Are these real products?

Yes and no. Some of our Mods will definitely be published physically, like the Doublemaker Mod in combination with the Frantic Gin. But others may be released only as print to play. Or as an app. Or maybe even a book. Or wall tattoo! Who knows? We don't!

What do I do with Mod cards I don't need?

You can always sort them out – that's why we for once marked those cards – or you can play them with alternative rules. versehen.

So, in all seriousness, is Pandora's Box the last official add on?

I guess, probably? Maybe not.